The Finish Line Script Competition was started by two professionals in the entertainment industry with a combined 40 years of literary management, script consultation and content creation experience. Believing that the writer is King, they decided to create a competition where writers could not only win and receive exciting and helpful prizes but where every entrant could improve their script, increase their chances of winning and leave with a better piece of material than when they entered.   

All our readers and script consultants have years of experience working with screenplays and television pilots at studios, networks, production companies and agencies. Here are some actual quotes about our script consultants from writers they have provided script feedback for.

-"It's clearly not a perfect script, but I appreciate that there is a nice balance of what's good about it and what isn't so good and needs work. I've been through a pretty discouraging "dark phase" with my writing for awhile, but this reviewers encouraging words really rocked me out of it!"

-"Just a quick note to say how grateful I am for these very smart notes. Funnily enough, I have been working on the exact problems specified by your reader and am amazed by the synchronicity of these comments. Other contest feedback has not been as astute. Kudos to my reviewer."

-"Thank you for your detailed, no bullshit, feedback. I appreciate that it is no B/S, and not an ego stroke.  While I received great critical feedback from my professor in both Scriptwriting, and Script Adaptation, yours has added another significant dimension"

-"After reading the review of my script I wanted to respond. I know you probably can't reveal who did the evaluation, but maybe you can pass this along to him/her. This is probably the most encouraging coverage I've ever had on one of my screenplays."

-"This is truly helpful feedback.  My cheeks are sore, because I smiled all while I read the comments.  I would love to meet this reader one day.  S/He is brilliant!"

-"Your notes were the best I have received from any contest (truly) and they felt really in tune with what I was doing."

-"Your input on notes for our script was fantastic. When the draft is ready we'd love to pick your brain concerning any thoughts or advice or insight you have in the process of maximizing exposure and ultimately getting it sold. You've been a great help!"

-“Many thanks indeed for your kind (and sound!) notes, which I really appreciate!”


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