Entrants Testimonials - Finish Line Script Competition (2016)

"Since entering the Finish Line Screenplay Competition, my writing has improved dramatically. Finish Line provided me with extensive feedback on my script, "Freedom Ain't Free" and pushed me to write, rewrite, and rewrite, helping me to familiarise myself with the form......I certainly owe it to Finish Line for how my screenwriting has strengthened....... Finish Line has put me in contact with a number of industry professionals, including producers, creative executives, directors, and other writers, all of whom have provided me with invaluable advice on how to improve my screenwriting and how to navigate the film and television industry......I have spoken and met with several literary managers and agents, which would undoubtedly have been much more difficult had I not won the competition. In the meantime, I am working on a second screenplay, which many of the mentors and managers I have spoken with are keen to read upon completion......Winning the Finish Line Screenplay Competition has really kick-started my writing career better than I could have hoped for, and for that I am very grateful." - Charlie Jones (Grand Prize Winner)

"Being placed first runner up in Finish Line Script Competition has been a huge validation for my writing and faith in my script "Coaching Class". If the script has come this far, it's only because of your great feedback and notes.  I also appreciate your continuous efforts to have the script read by industry pros.  So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your constant support in my screenwriting journey." - Adite Banerjie (1st Runner Up)

"Finish Line Script Comp provide some of the most on point and detailed feedback I've ever received. Their readers really know their stuff, and submitting your script to the festival is worth it for the notes alone." - Maz Lahooti (2nd Runner Up)

"This was a great experience! The script consultant I worked with really helped me a great deal. Although I didn't place in this contest, I did make the finalists for another contest that I entered right after this competition. The staff was super nice, and very efficient at returning emails and answering questions. I would highly recommend this to any writer that wants really good notes on their screenplay." - Merry Citoli

"This is a fabulously run contest. You would never know it was the first year. Communication was top notch. They met their dates when they said they would and the notes were beyond helpful." - Colin Costello (semi-finalist)

"Amazing. The notes I received were priceless and helped change my screenplay for the better with a night and day difference. Highly recommend everyone enter this competition!" - Kevin Kraft (semi-finalist)

"When I submitted my script to Finish Line and they paired me with Jenny (my script consultant), whether through serendipity of shared experience or just her deftness in dealing with baby writers, we hit it off, and I transformed and repopulated my story with the things that could serve those I was trying to reach, to allow those who'd get it to actually receive it. Jenny gave me the freedom to feel good to cut a story that used to feel like it would be cutting me, with bullshit-free notes that elevated my concepts but not my ego, which kept me on the bike as I moved. There was no questioning where she stood on my ability, and therefore even less was the question about where I should move. Forward. And my Finish Line (thus far) was not even winning the first competition, but it was receiving a 9/10 on the Blacklist and then securing a wonderful manager in Derrick Eppich of Lee Stobby Entertainment". - Jared Egol (semi-finalist)

"I chose to get feedback and then resubmit. The notes were extensive, constructive and very helpful. They came to me within 2 days. The chance to resubmit is a really great idea- awesome value for money. All my correspondence with the festival was professional and quick. Such a great comp to be a part of. I will definitely enter a new project next year!" - Sally Pitts

"Great response, great concept, they will be a dynamo a few years hence." - Bilal Gicvan (semi-finalist)

"I believe wholeheartedly in the goals of Finish Line Script Competition. To work with writers side-by-side so they may finish with a stellar script. My analyst provided me with pages and pages of copious notes. And because of her/his instruction the script improved with rewrites and went on to win in several other festivals. Because the best part of Finish Line is that they simply don't stop caring about you and your story once the competition is over. Finish Line has heart. It's demonstrated as they continue to follow you and your story's success even after the season has ended. - Kelly Jean Karam

"This is an excellent screenplay competition indeed. The fact that they give notes and then allow you to submit new drafts is excellent. The notes they gave my script helped it out immensely and led to it being a semi-finalist!" - Charles Pieper (semi-finalist)