Below are the log lines for the three finalists and semi-finalists of the 1st Finish Line Script Competition as prepared by the writers themselves.

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Freedom Ain’t Free by Charlie Jones (Drama) – Liverpool, UK

After the sadistic overseer of a cotton plantation is found brutally murdered, a black slave is offered the freedom he so desperately desires – but it comes at a price.


Coaching Class by Adite Banerjie (Drama) – Greater Noida, INDIA

A discredited teacher seeks redemption by taking on the powerful education mafia in order to give his brilliant but dirt poor students a fighting chance at competing for the entrance exams to India's most prestigious engineering institute.


Nomad by Maziar Lahooti (Drama) – Perth, AUSTRALIA

A recovering addict suffering from PTSD is blackmailed by his psychotic
brother-in-law with a seemingly impossible task that could threaten his family's lives.





Awkworld by Colin Costello (Sci-Fi Comedy) – Los Angeles, USA

Disobeying her parent’s wishes, a rebellious alien princess travels to earth and poses as a Midwest high school student in order to defend it from an impending invasion by a hostile world.


Barbarians by L.A. Townsley (Historical pilot) – Los Angeles, USA

In the course of completing his labors, a disgraced Hercules comes to the hidden city of the Amazons, where the influence of the gods and a struggle for political power has made war imminent.


Behave by Bodine Boling (Drama) – Brooklyn, USA

Becca fears she’s lost her mind when she wakes up with a hangover and parts of her life radically changed – like how she’s now married to a man she dated once, a year earlier. What first seems like her worst decision remade turns out to be the theft of a parallel life, and Becca must fight not to lose her love a second time.


Boded (The Lonely One) by Brett Allen Smith (Drama) - ISRAEL

A surreal portrait of the contemporary Middle East that stretches to Hollywood. It tells the story of the love triangle between an American in Tel Aviv, his Israeli girlfriend, and his American ex-girlfriend visiting from LA - and the clash of cultures they face when they find an abandoned baby in a dumpster, then set out to return it to its parents.


Brave Hearts by Lynda Lemberg & Jeffery Allen Russel (Historical Drama) – Toronto, CANADA

In 1840, a young, unconventional widow promises a traumatized exile she rescues in Montreal that she will avenge the men who brutalized her. Once in Scotland, she risks her life when she joins forces with a charismatic journalist and feisty tenant farmers to stop the most powerful men in the country from ethnically cleansing Gaelic Highlanders.


Butterfly Children by Melanie Schiele (Drama) – Brooklyn, USA

A furniture craftsman struggles to save his failing marriage and six-year old daughter afflicted with a rare disease, leaving her skin as fragile as a butterfly's wings.


Clay Tommy by Jared Egol (Drama) – Florida, USA

An emotionally crippled young man must overcome his infinite delusions of grandeur in order to become the greatest artist of all time.


The Dead Stroke by Alex & Marcus Scigliano (Drama) – New York, USA

Two brothers seek vengeance on the man that murdered their father the only way they know how -- hustling pool.


Dean the Drummer by Tannaz Hazemi (Drama) – New York, USA

Raised an orphan after her Mother died during childbirth, teenager Mia is now pregnant herself and struggles to make enough money for a respectable delivery despite her boyfriend's disapproving Mother, her abusive Uncle and having to work illegally under aged.


Desert Rain by Colleen Burns (Drama) – Norwich, UK

Bruised by scandal, a journalist heads to Mogadishu on assignment where amidst hunger and terror she confronts her former love – then violence draws them in.


Domestic Damages by Synthia Williams (Drama) – Georgia, USA

Seven stories of domestic abuse brings seven unique women together in one room in search of healing, but there is one story that none of them expected, the one yet to be told.


End of Line by Paul Howard Hunt (Drama/Comedy) – Wales, UK

In an isolated town a movie obsessed teen must overcome his obsession with romantic comedy tropes to win his first love.


The Engagement Ring by Scott Reneau (Romantic Comedy) – Florida, USA

A comedy about a guy who has to go back and retrieve the engagement ring from the girl who broke his heart.


Friends ReUnited by Charity Trimm & Anne-Marie Draycott (Comedy pilot) – Yorkshire, UK

A comedy about ex-drama school buddies Lizzie, the eternally enterprising free spirit and Beth, the brittle, yet misunderstood businesswoman, who reluctantly end up living together after 20 years.  Can Beth learn to live with Lizzie’s chaotic employment commitments and her anecdotes from stints on soaps, bit parts on crime shows and the occasional red carpet?  And can Lizzie survive Beth’s inflexible house rules, corporate demeanour and temperamental motion-sensor toilet flush?


The Fundraiser by Russell Nelson (Comedy) – Newcastle, UK

After getting into a dispute with his fiancé’s disapproving father, a groom-to-be hatches a scheme to pay for his upcoming wedding by entering an iron man race and collecting donations for a charity that doesn’t exist.’


Ghost of a Girl by Tawny Stokes (Teen Drama) – Calgary, CANADA

A school community trying to pick up the pieces after the tragic death of their head cheerleader discovers she may not have been the person they knew.


Good Behavior by Clay Keller (Comedy pilot) – Sherman Oaks, USA

All ex-con Colin wants is to go straight; he's moved in with his pastor brother and he's working an honest job. Unfortunately, he has a needy former crew, a crime boss demanding payment of a debt, and a parole office with a personal vendetta, so staying out of trouble will prove harder than he thought.


Grand Concourse by Matt Semel (Crime Thriller) – Connecticut, USA

In the late 1990’s, a legal aid defense attorney, eager to get his career and life back on track after some failures, handles the tenuous case of a racially charged murder of a cop in New York City.


The Grocer by Michael Bierman (Drama/Thriller) – Georgia, USA

When a traditional German grocer comes to town, the sheriff becomes suspicious as townsfolk begin to disappear amidst the furor for the grocer's secret recipe sausages.


Heirs of War by Maria and Patrick Taul (Historical Drama pilot)

On an isle of legend and peril, six royal siblings uncover a horrifying reality when their father is murdered by an unforeseen enemy—an enemy willing to hunt them—last heirs to the throne of Thule, to extinction.


Iron Lung by Kevin Kraft (Action/Comedy) – Los Angeles, USA

A lazy, directionless stoner finds a sense of purpose when he discovers that a life of video games and action movies have given him advanced Kung Fu skills... but only when he's high.


The Legend of William Tell by Joshua Sample (Historical) – New York, USA

In medieval Switzerland, the tyranny of the Hapsburg's appointed bailiff, Hans Gessler, runs murderously thick. Ruling over his subjects with an iron fist Gessler's wickedness is capstoned when he forces a commoner into a ruthless game of skill: the mountain man must shoot an apple off his son's head from one hundred yards away. This near impossible feat sparks a revolution that will alter the very history of Switzerland and mark the dawning of THE LEGEND OF WILLIAM TELL


Lost Cause by David Schroder (Action) – Florida, USA

An atomic bomb lost in 1958 reappears on a Roll-On/Roll-Off freighter run aground in the Caribbean Windward Passage under the nose of Guantanamo Bay.


Lost in Berlin by Fiona Leitch (Thriller) – East Sussex, UK

An ambitious but frustrated MI6 agent is sent to track opium traffickers in Berlin, but drawn into the city's hedonistic lifestyle, is forced to choose between her career and an uncertain but exciting new life with a charismatic drug dealer.


Maggie Rocks by Guy Polin (Comedy) – Sacramento, CA, USA

An elderly female mobster doing witness protection time in a nursing home battles land developers and an oppressive staff, who threaten her newfound drug business and freewheeling lifestyle.


The Mongoose Vanishes! By Charles Pieper (Fantasy) – Los Angeles, USA

A young girl living on the Isle of Man in the 1930’s awakens a helpful spirit in the form of a talking mongoose. The spirit’s help is a blessing to her struggling family but when the girl’s conniving father uses it as a money making scheme, things get out of hand. The strange events catch the attention of England’s foremost supernatural investigator who goes to the Isle to investigate. Will his investigations help the family or ruin them?


The Moonbeam Fisherman by John Dummer (Drama) – Chicago, USA

In the summer of the 1969 moon landing, a troubled teen believes that a reclusive old fisherman may be a marooned interplanetary visitor.


One White Crow by Pippa Hinchley (Historical) – Topanga Canyon, CA, USA

A brilliant scientist who has lost his faith in God, and an unassuming, repressed Bostonian housewife with an extraordinary ability, scientifically prove there is life after death. This is a true story.


Pandorium by Graham Parke (Drama pilot) – Eindhoven, NETHERLANDS

When a young scientist, who has discovered a way to track time travelers, is arrested on hacking charges, he is recruited by a shadowy organization to help capture the first ever time traveler, and the strange girl who springs his trap turns out to know more about his mother's disappearance than she should.


Quest-Kings by Bilal Gicvan (Historical Action/Drama) – Istanbul, TURKEY

This historical action drama spans 20 years ending with the fall of Jerusalem in 586 B.C.


Ranger Creed by Travis Opgenorth (Action/Thriller) – Sherman Oaks, CA, USA

When his brother is taken hostage in North Africa, a disillusioned former Ranger's only hope of rescuing him is to team up with the man he abhors most – his estranged father.


Return of the Hero by John Morrison (Drama) – Belfast, UK

A working class kid becomes his country’s greatest war hero but when he returns home he has to struggle to hold his life together as his medals become a curse and turn him into an outcast.


Sanitized by Rachael Blackwood (Drama pilot) – Los Angeles, USA

Recently promoted to acting superintendent of a mental health facility, a brilliant yet unpredictable woman must decide whether to medicate a violent new patient against medical advice, deal with a group of religious zealots demanding that the facility stop using drugs, and, compounding her problems, most of the staff are crazier than the patients.


Slasher by Christopher von Grebe (Horror) – Colorado, USA

An awkward farmhand returns to his hometown, hoping to reconnect with his estranged boyfriend. When a bloody rampage begins during the night harvest at a remote farm, he finds that his ex-lover’s family secrets may destroy them both.


The Spotter by Julian Awoonor Renner (Action/Drama) – New York, USA

When a Navy Seal operation goes bust in Afghanistan, the injured Seal sniper ends up with a 17-year old runaway bride evading the Taliban through the dangerous mountains to the Pakistan border.


Undercurrent by Dee Chilton (Thriller) – Somerset, UK

A stubborn female Naval Police Officer develops a dangerous obsession with identifying a serial killer and exposing a cover up, before the killer strikes again.


Virgin Killers by Tannaz Hazemi (Thriller) – New York, USA

Three wealthy teenage brothers in LA are killing virgins to keep their Mother young. But middle brother Peter falls in love with one of their victims.